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A little about me!

Rose Lewellen born Feb 17, 1957 in Tippah County, Mississippi 

Parents: D.A. and Catherine Childs

Husband: Ricky Lewellen. Married in 1974

1974 graduate of Pine Grove High School

Live in Ripley, Mississippi

Our Children: daughter.. Amanda and (Brian)Wilbanks. our son... Sam and (Molly) Lewellen

We have four grandsons, Logan and Cole Wilbanks. Wyatt and Decker Lewellen.

I was born at home. My birthplace is half a mile from where I now live. I grew up on a small farm. Daddy farmed cotton, corn and soybeans. He raised cattle and hogs. He and his three brothers owned and operated Childs Gin Company in Ripley, Ms. I grew up in a household with Momma, Daddy, Mamaw, Papaw, my brother Danny and my sister, Brenda. I am the youngest of three children. I milked cows, chopped cotton, washed clothes on wringer washing machine. We raised the food we ate. Raised chickens for eggs and the surplus of roosters rendered many a Sunday dinners for the preacher and his wife. 


A typical Saturday afternoon consisted of me and my Papaw, Deck Childs, turning the living room into a dance hall. The Grand Ole Opry, Porter Wagner Show and The Wilburn Brothers Show would air on the black and white TV. We would dance the two-step, the double shuffle, the drag, the waltz and even buck dance.

Then, Sunday morning that living room became a Church house with The Happy Goodman Family, The Florida Boys, The Dixie Echoes, and The Lewis Family coming through the airways on that same black and white TV. We'd sit reverently and listen to those good Gospel songs. Sometimes, I'd stand up and sing along, pretending to be Vestal Goodman. 

I learned at an early age the power and effect of music. I gained a great respect for music right there in that living room with my Papaw. 

I was saved at the age of ten in the little rural Methodist Church, Lowry, where I still serve The Lord as Sunday School Teacher and play the piano. The church is nestled in the woods in sight of our home.

Rick and I married the year I graduated high school. I love being wife, mother and grandmother above all God has called me to be. 

Over the past thirty years, I have served The Lord in small group home Bible studies, a monthly Nursing Home Ministry, singing at church events, funerals and a local TV station. I speak at Women's Conferences, meet with young women for council, prayer and scriptural guidance. I am active in small group prayer meetings.

In the early 90's, I joined a small group of ladies in weekly home prayer and bible meetings. It was during those meetings I began to learn of The Holy Spirit and to walk in His fullness. I learned  more of Who Jesus is and I fell deeply in love with Him.  I began writing songs during that time. Many Gifts began to manifest in my life during that season. 

In the 90's I recorded some of the songs I had written in Batesville, Mississippi at Steve McGregory Studio. They were recorded on cassette tapes and distributed locally.

I continue to sing as often as I am given the opportunity, speak when invitation is given and I continue to write songs. I have worked for Hankins Forest Products since 1996 as bookkeeper and Office Manager. I'm just a normal wife, mother and grandmother. 

In the early spring of 2016, Geron and Becky Davis came to West Ripley Baptist Church to minister in song. This is where our daughter Amanda and her family are members.  That afternoon Amanda and Brian came to our home and said they believed Geron would help me get my songs recorded. I had several songs I'd never recorded. They were in a box in my closet.

After several days of praying, I called Geron. He invited me to meet with him the next day in Nashville. Amanda, who is an RN quickly rearranged her work schedule and drove me to meet with Geron. I walked into Breezewood Productions recording studio and that's where I met Trae Edwards. A flip phone in my purse, my songs in a yellow manilla file folder. I was so nervous. Geron prayed with me before I sang the songs. He and Trae listened and offered to help me.  They spoke of facebook, Twitter and ITunes. Considering I had a flip phone and no internet at home, it was obvious God was calling me out of my little quiet, simple lifestyle.

Courage is doing it afraid. If it comes easy and natural, don't call it courage. Geron and Trae, the musicians and background singers took those lyrics and melody and made the most amazing songs for me. 

You see, I knew I was getting older and time seemed to be passing swiftly. I was too old to start this, but I was too old to put it off any longer. 

All I knew was, I did not want to stand before Jesus with those songs in a box in my closet. I wanted desperately to finish well. I wanted to hear Him say "Well done".

I'm looking forward to the future. I know Jesus has plans for the songs and I have said  "yes" to His call. Wherever He leads, I will follow.

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